Simon Hooper


Simon Hooper is a co-founder of RemindMeCare, established courtesy of personal experience of the lack of person-centred care tech available during his families care journey.

Having worked for 4 years with care groups, those cared for in the community, hospital wards and care organisations, Simon has deep experience of tech adoption in the care industry, from compliance to usability and cost to interoperability, at the core of everything they build is their belief that knowing the person and engaging in fun activities must be at the heart of the care process.

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Activity software and Alexa improves care and delivers an ROI

Improving carer: resident engagement using RemindMeCare’s digital 1:1 and group activity-based system (using Alexa, tablets & TV) not only enhances person centred care, therapy (music, reminiscence, CST), wellbeing and dementia acute care strategies, but also delivers multiple business benefits, including personal data GDPR compliance, dementia training, improved client acquisition and family engagement, and quantified CQC person centred care and dignity and respect reporting. The results support outstanding care, increased occupancy and happier staff.