Sophie Murray

NACC (The National Association of Care Catering)

Sophie Murray is Head of Nutrition and Hydration for Sunrise Senior Living. She has been a registered nurse and a Nutritionist in 2012 and has owned a restaurant. She has been award winning in her roles. Her appointment as National Deputy Chair for the National Association for Care Catering (NACC) further enables her to promote best practice. Sophie regularly speaks at events and writes articles for industry. Sophie looks after 46 sites including care and catering staff in a co-ordinating approach in this area that doesn’t increase budget but maximises on efficiency and training to get maximum quality of life in key area’s

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Effective Nutritional Support and Dining Tips in Care Homes

This will give you some tried and tested methods that help increase nutritional consumption and create a more conducive environment so that residents can enjoy their dining experience. This will be focused around how the catering operation works with the residents to enhance their dining room experience.

Sophie Murray will be speaking in the following theatre:

Theatre 7 - Tuesday 15.30 - 16.00: Effective Nutritional Support and Dining Tips in Care Homes