Stefan Sosnowski

uComply Limited

Stefan has 25+ years’ experience working in Operations environments specialising in compliance, process control and change management. As a part of this he’s managed and implemented change management across both global and smaller organisations and he is regularly saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and endorsing a “keep it simple, stupid” approach.

His focus over the last 5 years has been on UK immigration compliance across a broad spectrum ranging from delivering training, to giving regular talks at various events and presentations mainly around the vagrancies surrounding the Home Office guidance. This he combines with a practical no nonsense approach with regards to ensuring compliance and highlighting specific changes (aka the small print) including how they may impact employers and or recruiters across all sectors. Additionally, using the experience gained from our clients, he shares valuable insights into simple improvements which can make your processes more efficient.

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Right to Work, GDPR are they linked, what’s the risk?

Recap of the current Right to Work guidance in place for the UK including a case study and how Right to Work relates to the upcoming GDPR replaces the Data Protection Act. It will include some simple to implement steps for enhancing your onboarding compliance process, the six GDPR principles around accountability and allow time for questions. Additionally, there will be a brief overview of how technology can help.