Steven Vryonides

RA Accountants LLP

Steven Vryonides, Tax Director at RA Accountants LLP, is renowned in the industry for his expert knowledge of tax planning for care home, nursing and residential home businesses.

His expertise in tax stems from his experience in the field for over a decade. He has thus developed a vast skill-set and knowledge base within a mixture of taxation including personal, corporate and inheritance tax helping the profession save on tax.

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Tax Economies for Care Home, Nursing and Residential Home Businesses

Understanding that profitability is not just about total turnover, but the net profit that remains when all costs have been deducted, is key to a healthy and profitable business. Steven will show owners and managers how to understand their financials and relate them to the commercial operations of their business. He will also offer tips on how to manage their cost base effectively in addition to covering tax planning ideas.