Sue Lister & Ann Murray

Real People Theatre & York LGBT Forum

Sue has recently been awarded an MBE for “equality, diversity and the arts in Yorkshire.” She is a drama facilitator, actor and director, finding exciting opportunities in New Zealand for 5 years in the 70s and Canada for 14 years in the 80s/90s. She was the Artistic Director of Theatre Terrific in Vancouver for 9 years – disabled people of all ages making their voices heard across British Columbia. Sue and her partner, Ann, founded the Real People Theatre, a women’s company, in York in 1999 and have created 19 consecutive shows for York International Women’s Festival which she coordinated for 9 years – Sue has been on the York Older People’s Assembly executive since 2002 and started and coordinated the York 50+ Festival for 12 years. She has been on the York LGBT Forum committee since 2006 and created Free to be Me in Care with members of the older LGBT subgroup – Sue has been coordinating the AWOC York group (ageing without children) for the last 2 years – – and the current Real People Theatre production for YIWF is NO KIDDING? exploring an issue that will affect millions of us, part of the jigsaw of loneliness and isolation.

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PAPER BAG PEOPLE – Free to be Me in Care

Silence can be oppressive. Stigmatised by society, labelled sinful by religion and shamed in your own eyes for so many years, your own silence is perfectly understandable. “I’m 75 years old, when will it be safe to come out?” Meet an elderly lesbian and hear her story, part of a 2 hour LGBT awareness training. The CQC is now asking for LGBT statistics – how can you find the answer?