Tobi Alli-Usman

Smooth Digital

Tobi Alli-Usman is the founder & Director of Smooth Digital – A specialist Care Sector Digital Marketing Agency based in London whose core focus is generating measurable results.

Tobi works with Senior Management, Directors & Marketing Managers to help create & execute strategies for of generating high-quality care leads which convert into profitable customers.

Success to Tobi isn''t ‘generating more clicks'' or ''getting more traffic’ to your website – for him, success can only be measured on the actual level of enquires generated from following and implementing the steps in their ''Aggressive Growth Blueprint''.

Tobi has 10 years experience in marketing & sales and a huge passion for entrepreneurship.

If your business has the ambition to grow and would like to know the exact steps on how to achieve this then it would be worth a conversation.

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