Theatre 3 Sponsored by Xander Kardian

Technology and Innovation Theatre 4: Sponsored by Xander Kardian

Tuesday 26th March

Wednesday 27th March


11.00 - 11.30

Nuno Almeida, CEO & Founder

Digital Transformation: How Data is Driving Better Care

We hear about ‘data’ in care but what does that really mean? What impact can collating and analysing information have on quality of care? Founder of Nourish Care, Nuno Almeida, explores the importance of data through real life stories of care, showing how and why information can be so much more than compliance-led; and how, when used correctly, it can have an incredible impact on a person’s quality of life.


11.45 - 12.15

Anthony Duhig

How going paperless improves quality of care and staff morale

Development of smartphone technology means that electronic care systems are now easy-to-use, mobile-based, and give care homes tangible benefits. Benefits include improved compliance with the regulator; more time for staff to spend with residents; increased quality of care; and closer involvement of families. Attend our seminar or visit our stand D860 and receive a free guide on How to Choose an Electronic Care Planning, Monitoring and Reporting System.


12.30 - 13.00

Steven Vryonides

Tax Economies for Care Home, Nursing and Residential Home Businesses

Understanding that profitability is not just about total turnover, but the net profit that remains when all costs have been deducted, is key to a healthy and profitable business. Steven will show owners and managers how to understand their financials and relate them to the commercial operations of their business. He will also offer tips on how to manage their cost base effectively in addition to covering tax planning ideas.


13.15 - 13.45

Peter Shergill

How Technology & Care Go Hand In Hand: Hear from a Provider on the Digital Transformation Highway.

There is a huge buzz around how technology must be used in care; but is it worth it? Gain real life insights into the benefits and challenges a care organisation faces throughout their digital journey. What are the outcomes and how does it really change your organisation? Join us to find out!


14.00 - 14.30

Simon Beck

Top 4 Ways To Generate New Enquiries For Your Home

In this brand-new seminar Simon will guide you through the top four ways to generate new enquiries for your care home. Packed with practical advice and straight talking, you''ll come away with immediately actionable strategies and tactics to help fill the beds in your care home.


14.45 - 15.15

Mrs. E. Zuiderent

How Multitouch games can improve well-being and mental health of elderly people

One of the challenges in aged care is stimulating interaction with and between residents. The SovaCare ExperienceTable health game software helps break through the isolation of elderly people and residents with dementia. SovaCare has developed several packages health game applications in cooperation with aged care specialists, and as such numerous care facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium are currently using this software. Residents connect with one another over applications that stimulate memory recall, improve communication, and offer entertainment. During the interactive presentation Edith Zuiderent will show some good practices and discuss how multitouch games can improve well-being and mental health of elderly people. Reactions from care workers and health managers have been positive overall.


15.30 - 16.00

Jonathan White

How can I use Technology effectively in my Care environment?

Technology underpins everything and requires a clear strategic plan to make sure that all equipment and IT services operate as effectively as possible. We need to be aware of what Tech is available and how this can help further improve and enhance what we provide. Integration, consolidation and futureproofing are some of the approaches covered to help put this in place plus examples of new technologies will be given.