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Carers Coaching Academy Ltd.

Stand Number: D634

Revolutionising Staffing Solutions in the Workplace, Online Carer Induction Coaching

Stress Sick leave in the Healthcare Sector = 43%

Why do staff not "stay the course"?

Based on research and personal experience, Carers Coaching Academy has developed Specific and Unique Coaching Programs for the Care Home and Domiciliary Care Sector -

- Kick off the Carers Career with strategies for Inner Confidence and Motivation to Commit

- Inner Calm Strategies to meet the day to day challenges and more fully enjoy life in the


- Trackable, goal centred, certificated programs with 100% expected


- Positive impact on ongoing recruitment costs as shown as a result of introducing

coaching in industry

- Easy Online Access for individual carer participation

- One off registration fee for ongoing online access for all staff

Meet the founder and producer on stand 8001 and find out more about how you can benefit plus the ability to tap into FREE Discovery Days

From 2017 Alzheimers Shows:-

"Iv'e not seen anything like this before. Can you help us?"

" The Care Industry SO needs this. Carers need to face and deal with their own emotions to better perform in the workplace!"