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Recruitment Panda Ltd

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Recruitment Panda cares about nurses. We believe that nurses are the unsung heroes of our society, a scarce talent that we can scarcely do without. When it comes to your nursing career, we believe you should be treated as such.

You deserve the best advice, truly professional representation, choice, the opportunity to properly consider your options and without a doubt the best possible pay and conditions.

Recruitment Panda exists to support you with these things because we know, that by bringing scarce talents together we make great teams; and great teams deliver great care.

Now, every single member of our team has close family and friends working in and accessing care in the UK and because of this, we are uniquely motivated to ensure that the introductions we make result in the best possible outcomes for our candidates, clients and the people in their care!

Recruitment Panda - A Scarce Talent

Recruitment Panda respectfully introduces ourselves as an expert consultancy in nursing, health and social care recruitment. Our small team have more than 40 years of combined experience in clinical and/or recruitment settings.

We can evidence an extensive background in successfully securing permanent jobs for care professionals including Carers, Nurses of all disciplines, Managers, Doctors, Directors and Chief Executives in nursing, health and social care sectors in the UK

We have an enviable and acclaimed track record as such.

We are fortunate to have worked with some brilliant people and developed many excellent long-standing relationships.

Through repeated success, we have earned renown and far-reaching influence.

Recruitment Panda gives:

- Impartial careers advice

- Detailed insight and advocacy for/to appropriate employers

- Feedback

- CV writing and interview preparation support

- You our intrinsic knowledge of the UK nursing, health and social care job market

Recruitment Panda like to:

- Be selective with the employers we represent and the jobs we work

- Be proactive on behalf of good applicants

- Tell you if we are unlikely able to help

- Work exclusively

- Let you know exactly what we are going to do/are doing on your behalf, whenever you would like an update

To learn more about the best opportunities in your area call us on 0161 914 5722

Recruitment Panda are expert recruiters who assist Nursing, Medical and associated Management professionals to find, assess and select career options from the most highly regarded employers in UK Health & Social Care.

We lead the way by providing a supportive job search experience for our candidates and by being a voice heard to say, that UK Health and Social Care is an outstanding place to be!

Please reach out to us for expert careers advice, industry insight, news and selected job opportunities direct from our desks, as well as from some of our particularly admired causes, associates and publications.

We are relevant for you if you work in the fields of Elderly Care, Mental Health, Child and Adolescent, Physical Disability, Learning Disability or ASD in residential or community settings, including domiciliary care and as well as health and social care training.

Recruitment Panda - A Scarce Talent

Specialties include:

Nursing jobs, Health and Social Care Management jobs, Medical jobs, Psychiatry & Psychology jobs, Careers advice, Recruitment Consultancy