DCNH 2020

9th - 10th Nov 2020
NEC, Birmingham


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IMS Medical

Stand: D401
IMS Medical is dedicated to making healthcare safer, more sustainable and more efficient. For the benefit of patients, personnel and the organisation IMS Medical develops standardized products and solutions that contribute to the sustainability, efficiency and safety of workspaces and processes in hospitals and nursing homes around the world. To make this possible IMS Medical combines its international healthcare market knowledge and network with expertise on the design, development, production, distribution and support of best of breed innovations. Two products of IMS Medical: Severo Medicine Grinder Have you ever crushed a pill by hand? It is hard, takes time and most important; is not safe. Yet it is still common practice in almost any healthcare environment around the world. Crushing a pill takes up to 21 kgf of pressure; four times higher than considered safe by the Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Inspectorate. The physical stress regularly leads to complaints and even physical pain among healthcare professionals. Furthermore, during the manual grinding of pills, aerosols are released in the air, causing increased exposure and contamination risks. Finally, manual crushing of pills is time consuming and if not cleaned thoroughly, cross contamination may occur. All of these problems are now a thing of the past with the Severo Medicine Grinder. You can now grind pills in a matter of seconds without any physical stress, saving you precious time to focus on the things that matter. Since the device is nearly silent, grinding can be done at the patients bed without hindrance. With its compact size and low weight the device is portable and ideal for use on medication trolleys and in any home care environment. Grinding medication has never been more easy, safe, and fast. In a few simple steps, even the hardest medication is quickly and safely crushed into fine powder. As a result, medication rounds will be completed quicker and easier with happier personnel. Are you looking for efficiency, convenience and safety for your patients and nurses? Severo Swallowing gel The medical term for swallowing problems is dysphagia. Dysphagia cuts across so many disease- and age groups that its true prevalence is often underestimated. It`s estimated that 22% of all adults above the age of 50 up to 68% for residents in long-term care settings suffer from a difficulty of swallowing - a number growing larger with our aging population. In cooperation with the faculty of Food & Biobased Research of the reputable University of Wageningen, we`ve developed the Severo Swallowing Gel; with the aim to ease the oral intake of tablets, capsules and powders for this vulnerable group. The gel envelops the medicine, so that it effortlessly passes through the larynx and at the same time masks its bitter taste. After swallowing, the gel dissolves quickly in the stomach, minimizing the effectiveness and absorption of active ingredients by the body. The practical bottle with dosing pump makes it ideal for use at home or in any type of care institution. In addition, the gel contains no sugar, alcohol or common allergenic substances - making it suitable for everyone for the ages 3 and up


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