DCNH 2020

9th - 10th Nov 2020
NEC, Birmingham


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Iuvas medical GmbH

Stand: D570
Innovative drinking aid for people with dysphagia and restricted mobility. Many people live in difficult situations where everyday routines and habits, such as drinking, become a major challenge. With sippa we stand by these people. sippa fits like a normal drinking vessel in her everyday life and helps where it is needed. Unremarkable. Functional. Easy. When completely emptying an ordinary cup, the head must be stretched backwards. This is on the one hand for many people due to movement restrictions no longer possible, on the other hand opens the extension, analogous to the procedure for the first aid, the respiratory tract and increases the risk of swallowing enormous. If swallowing occurs during the drinking process, this causes great pain for the patient. In particularly severe cases, patients are too weak to cough up the swallowed fluid, leading to an increased risk of pneumonia. Due to a growing fear of swallowing complications, sufferers drink less and do not manage to meet their daily fluid requirements. The drinking aid sippa allows those affected to drink without having to put their heads back. The heart of the invention is a highly elastic membrane, which counteracts the drop in the liquid level. This gives the affected person the feeling of always drinking from a full glass.
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