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EZone Shell Scheme Information


EZone Shell Scheme Information

  • Stands are built using 2.5m high white Octonorm with metalwork separating each panel
  • Carpet is included with your stand



  • Exhibitors may NOT request their fascia to be removed from their stand without the prior consent of the Organisers. The fascia is integral to the structural stability of the stands.  This may only be removed in exceptional circumstances and where the stand layout allows sufficient stability.   Please contact the operations team with any queries. 
  • Under no circumstances must anything be nailed, screwed or glued to the shell scheme panels or metal framework of the stand.  Exceptions are: two-part Velcro (hook and loop), blu-tack and double-sided sticky pads to fix light exhibits.  A range of brackets and clips are available to carry panels, shelves, signs etc. which can be ordered via the shell scheme extras order form
  • Exhibitors must not hang anything from the ceiling grid without having first consulted with the official stand contractor to ensure that the weight loading and fixing is satisfactory and will not alter the structural stability of the stand.
  • Any damage will be charged to the exhibitor at full replacement cost.


The items listed below are not included with your shell scheme stand:

  • spotlights
  • furniture
  • electrical mains / sockets
  • ceiling
  • rails, shelves or other stand fitting items


The above items can all be ordered using the relevant order forms found in the forms section of this manual.

The general layout of a typical octonorm shell scheme stand is as follows: 

The walls are 2.5m high
Display size of panel 2,340mm x 946mm, 46mm diameter poles support each panel, the fascia at the corners and at the mid-point where the frontage exceeds 4m in length, along the edge of the stand.

The shell scheme fascia is formed from panels which are provided to the open sides of the stand. The fascia is supported in a frame with aluminium posts at the corners and mid points where necessary. Overall height 2.5m.

Ceiling Grid     
The diagonal grid provides a fixing point for the lighting.

Corner Stands
All corner stands will be open to the gangways along the front and one side. The fascia name board is overhead.

Island Sites
All island sites will have fascia to the perimeters with ceiling supports and vertical uprights within the stand where deemed necessary by the official stand contractor. No walling is provided.

Please click here to view Shell Scheme Specification and Panel Sizes




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