Introducing: Motitech and Road Worlds


There has at times been a lack of choice for the elderly - both for those living at home and for those living in a care or nursing home - when it comes to leisure activities. What remains to be seen is, why? Plenty of studies have focused on the impact of exercise on the mental health of care home residents, with many showing that exercise contributes to reducing agitation of those living with dementia.

Motitech, a Norwegian company dedicated to motivating the elderly and people living with dementia to become more physically active, have taken this into consideration using their Motiview technology and fantastic ‘Road Worlds’ initiative.

The Motiview platform is a motivational aid that stimulates seniors and people with dementia to increase physical activity. Using moving images and sounds, users can embark on cycle trips in familiar surroundings or childhood memories.

Motiview was developed by Motitech AS in collaboration with the Municipality of Bergen following an idea from the agency for nursing/seniors homes in the city. An extensive project saw the concept tested in six of the city’s nursing homes in 2012 and 2013. The results were so good that Motitech AS was established to continue the work. 

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