Introducing: Jayne Connery and Care Campaign for the Vulnerable


Care Campaign for the Vulnerable was founded over five years ago by former Marketing and Promotions Executive Jayne Connery. It was set up to champion and rally public support for safety monitoring to be made mandatory in communal areas in all care homes across the UK.  The preventable neglect and failings in her own loved one’s care led Jayne to become a champion for better dementia care delivery as well as helping families and family carers needing support and guidance when affected by inadequate care.  Jayne gained the support from her local MP Dominic Grieve, former Attorney General, after collating much evidence of preventable neglect happening in communal areas in care homes from families, carers and senior care managers sent to her through Care Campaign for the Vulnerable national initiative. While undertaking this work Jayne started to learn about the many pressures and sometimes unrealistic expectations being placed on good, conscientious led care providers and care staff in the sector – therefore giving her a balanced understanding on how safety monitoring would be a positive, not only for vulnerable residents and staff but Care Providers too.  Care Campaign for the Vulnerable is passionate about championing the rights of our elderly, the vulnerable, families and dedicated care workers. In September 2018 Dominic Grieve MP took Care Campaign for the Vulnerable CCTV in communal areas in care homes debate to Westminster Hall and Jayne travels up and down the country visiting Care Homes who invite in Care Campaign for the Vulnerable eager to talk over safety monitoring in care.

Case Study 1


A Grandmother suffered many falls that the family say were ‘preventable’.  The last fall sustained by their grandmother ended with Ellen in hospital with a deep cut to her head and severe bruising.  The family say if CCTV safety monitoring had been present they would have known how often carers visit their Mother which was disputed by the family.  Their grandmother died weeks later to what the family say was down to ‘preventable neglect’.  The family was approached by a National Newspaper and took part raising awareness for the Daily Express – Respect for the Elderly Campaign.

Case Study 2


A daughter contacted Care Campaign for the Vulnerable a year after losing her dad who lived with dementia, to what she says was ‘severe neglect’.  After contacting all agencies she told us this offered her ‘little reassurances’ , she felt compelled to visit her Dad every day. She often visited him and saw him on the floor of his room, struggling to eat his food while unattended and clothes on him ‘filthy and worn for several days’.

Care Campaign after raising this on behalf of John’s daughter received a apology from the Care Provider, regarding her dad’s failures in care stating ‘More that COULD have been done, SHOULD have been.’’

John’s daughter is still suffering anxiety years after his death in care.

Case Study 3


A daughter contacted us regarding their mother who lives with dementia sustaining terrible injuries due to a ‘fall’ in her care home.  The fall was not witnessed and the family still require answers to how and why their mother fell. Safety monitoring in communal areas would have given the family and care provider the answer.  Sylvia’s daughter now has her own health issues and has lost all faith in the care sector vowing never to go into care.