Introducing: NACAS


The National Association of Care & Support Workers was founded in 2016 by Paul Featherstone. The association is directed by care workers for care workers and aims to improve health and social care through our members. We are working hard to improve training standards and ensure that the care profession gets the respect and recognition it deserves.

There is a variety of titles given to those who provide care professionally; our members are home-carers, care-home carers, personal assistants, support workers, healthcare assistants, as well as managerial staff.

Regardless of the job title, we all provide care to people and often spend a great deal of time with them. In this time, we get to know the person – their needs and their preferences – often participating in very private and intimate aspects of their life.

We support those we care for physically, mentally and socially, and frequently form close relationships. To be able to deliver care, we work hard to establish trust and continuously reinforce mutual respect and understanding. The time spent with them and the close relationships that result mean that we have a thorough understanding of their needs; we are a familiar face, helping them feel safe.

This is where NACAS wants to make a difference: in educating society about the value and importance of care work, getting more respect and recognition for it and in making people working in care feel better about their skills, working conditions and care they provide. Hopefully, all this will lead to better staff retention and higher job satisfaction as well as care becoming a more common and serious career choice.

We are working hard on many fronts. We are campaigning for a nationwide register for everybody delivering care professionally. We hope that this will help regulate the skills and training levels and working conditions better. We aim to have the registration as a legal requirement for working in care, to help guarantee the best for people both receiving and providing care.

We are working in partnership with many organisations to provide additional training materials and fact sheets to help people working in care develop their skills and knowledge, provide lifestyle benefits for people working in care and on raising the profile of care work.

NACAS thinks that by working together, health and social care professionals can improve care, make people feel less isolated and reduce the number of days people feel helpless or have to stay away from home. We want to invite everybody to help us provide better care, and capitalise on our skills and experience.

At NACAS we get opportunities to be directly involved in policy making, changing and consulting on health and social care issues from the point of view of people who directly deliver that care. We provide insight that nobody else can give and that will hopefully improve care delivery for everybody.

We are looking to make connections with organisations within the care sector and with people to work with us on improving training, educating the public on social care issues and creating additional courses that can give the carer workforce additional skills to provide even better care. We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on working with professional care workers and to open a dialogue where together we can improve care.