Meeting and Respecting Nutrition Needs in Care


The variety of choice available for people in today’s society is staggering, and often something that is taken for granted. Currently, the most focal area of choice is where individuals get their nutrition from, as the choice of diet has been a building and developing topic over the past decade. With a growing aging population and the number of people living with dementia set to rise, there is a question of where this personalised nutrition will come from is raised.

The Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo have sought to answer this question, alongside their partners in the National Association of Care Catering. The NACC are doing exceptional work to provide individual nutrition that meets the diverse needs of a culturally complex and developing society. This partnership is amazing for the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo, as the event seeks to provide a platform for everything care service providers will need for the delivery of outstanding and sustainable care. Diet and nutrition aren’t just basic human requirements, and the NACC recognises this. As such, the association has put in place steps to allow for the transfer of this approach to food and nutrition to every care service provider.

Taking place on the 26th and 27th March at the NEC in Birmingham, the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo will be the biggest platform for care home and social care professionals to obtain expert knowledge on nutrition, as well as meet catering providers and suppliers of unique products ready for immediate implementation. With the mainstream rise of vegan and vegetarian diets and lifestyle choices, understanding how to honor these lifestyle choices will be a huge topic in the coming years.

Amanda Woodvine from Vegetarian For Life will be leading a seminar on exactly this topic, as she discusses how currently 22% of care homes having one or more vegetarian resident. As this number increases, having the ability of choice of lifestyle, even into the later stages of dementia, will be a key aspect of delivering outstanding care. As well as this, National Deputy Chair for the NACC Sophie Murray will be exploring how enhancing the residents dining experience can increase nutritional intake, using her experience as Head of Nutrition and Hydration at Sunrise Senior Living to form expert insights into the topic.

Nutrition isn’t exclusive to diet, as hydration and maintaining good water sources is essential. Michael Dean from Northumbrian Water Limited will guide visitors of the show through what exceptional water hygiene in care homes looks like, and how other businesses can replicate this to provide clean water for residents. There is also Jelly Drops, an exhibitor who make tasty, edible hydrating treats for people living with dementia in order to give another option for the tackling of dehydration amongst residents.

Companies like Emotion Food Company are continuing to research into quality, nutritional food that works past the issues of dysphagia, as well as JJ Food Service being able to provide access to an in-house nutritionist and instant access to nutritional and allergen data. There is everything a care home or social care business will need to meet the nutritional requirements of all their residents.

The Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo takes place on the 26th and 27th March at the NEC in Birmingham. You can register for your complimentary ticket here.