Care Campaign for the Vulnerable


Care Campaign For The Vulnerable is a independent, non profit, national organisation leading the way championing the use of safety monitoring in communal areas in all care and nursing homes and private rooms with consent. Our professional in care team’s personal and professional experience allows us to work with families who contact us as well as care providers who ask us in to talk to staff and families on the benefits safety monitoring can bring into communal areas in all care homes and by working with the sector we continue to gain the support of care providers, care professionals and tens of thousands of supporters. We understand the many pressures and sometimes unrealistic expectations placed on professional care providers - allowing a balanced understanding to how safety monitoring would be a postive care assist tool - not just for vulnerable residents, families and care staff but Care Providers also. We are passionate promoting and raising awareness to good person centred care and support for our elderly, especially living with dementia and championing better support for our dedicated care workers as well as the many commercial benefits safety monitoring has on the care home sector - saving valuable NHS and care home resources. Care Campaign for the Vulnerable participated in the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Roundtable on Technology and is regularly invited to speak at Dementia Care Shows /Events/Exhibitions and care homes. We regularly comment on social care issues and our Safety monitoring in communal areas in care homes Campaign in Daily Express national news /media/TV and radio. Dominic Grieve MP, took our safety monitoring in care initiative to Westminster Hall to be debated in 2018 and we continue to work hard gaining the support of Care Providers on the adopting of safety monitoring in care homes for a more open and transparent care culture.